Cat Family

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Cat Family is a photomanipulation made of four different photo’s.


Three stock photo’s from DeviantArt namely:

STOCK – Gothic Aristocratic Man 02 (Running) by LienSkullova on DeviantArt

Gothic Background STOCK by wyldraven on DeviantArt

The third one is a bought stock pack with several nude poses by one model.

Kaitlyn 12 Nude Poses Stock Comm Use OK by ArtReferenceSource on DeviantArt

I used several brushes and some are from Falln Brushes also on DeviantArt, the rest are my own brushes.

The clothing and cat are my own.

As you can see I clothed the woman, drew in the part of her face that was covered by her hair, drew plants, flowers, trees, a mask, a cobweb, a red moon and added numerous effects. The result is this image.


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