Digital Painting, what is it?

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Digital Painting

I talk a lot about digital painting but what is it exactly? Well a digital painting is a real painting but not with actual oil or waterpaint but with digital oil and/or waterpaint brushes. It looks like a real painting with it’s structure and fluent colours but when you should print it on a canvas and you feel the painting with your finger, you cannot feel the structure. The possibilities in digital painting are endless. I can add fabric structures, more colours then you can imagine, stone structures, metal structures, even feather structures. With the use of all these available brushes I can make each photo unique. There will never be a second that is similar because it is hand painted. (except when you want the digital file twice, then it is the same off course)


That brings me to the pro’s of a digital painting versus a real one. While I still think a real painting is more alive then a digital one, the digital version can be used more than once. For example: You want your photo painted and printed on a canvas and when it is finished you hang it on your livingroom wall. Your family comes over and see the painting and your mom says; I want one! With the digital version it’s possible. The real painting would have to be made again and would never be the same.

It is getting to be quite a trend to have yourself portrait in a painting. A lot of well known people already have theirs. Having yourself painted isn’t cheap. This is a affordable way to have the same thing as them, only digital.


Digital Painting from Facebook photo


Digital Painting from camera photo


Digital Painting from scene photo

How does it work?

You start out by sending me a photo through email that you want to have painted. In the email you tell me if the painting should have it’s original colours, maybe in black and white, sepia, a little colour or in the colours of your home. (whatever you want is possible). Describe if you want yourself bigger then in the photo. For example you have this great photo but it a scene photo where you are in but more people. You can choose if you want the full photo painted or have just you cutout and made the center of the piece. Two people in one piece is also possible but from one photo. This is also possible if you want to have your pet painted.


When  I am done with the painting I send you a small preview with a watermark through the mail. You can then tell me wether you like it as it is or have me make some minor adjustments as to colours or background or stroke size. When you say it is okay, you can choose if you want it as a canvas ( 50x70cm, € 70,00 excl. sending) or as a file to have it printed yourself. As a file you pay € 30,00. This file can only be used personally. You cannot restribute it. The painted version rights stay with me. The photo rights stay with you off course so I cannnot use the painted version for anything other than you. I can however use it (marked) on this website as an example. Commercially I do the same at a surcharge of € 300,00, these can be reproduced.  Canvas prints are made after payment, files are send after payment.

All painted photo’s have a resolution of 300dpi, even if it was a social media photo (small) to begin with. Since it is painted in a new file it is possible to enlarge the original image. However, the bigger the size of the original photo, the better. The end product is always suitable for printing. The size depends on the original photo.

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