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A creative mind

To think creative is to be creative. You can like it or hate it, that's the fun in arts, you don't HAVE to do or think anything.


Digital Painting


Digital Painting


Digital Painting


Digital Painting


SlichoArt is an online name that I use for my Artworks & Designs. It is made from two names, a part of my last name and a part of my partner’s last name. My real name is Karin. I am 50 years young and enjoy digital painting and graphic designing. They call me Creative Karin.

I already helped out a lot of clients with their presswork design, video’s, photo’s and other digital media. It is a lot of fun to do!


I also design posters, flyers, businesscards, mockups for shops and more. Info and prices are an email away.

Digital Artworks

Showing you my digital artworks and giving you the opportunity to buy one for a good price or simply to enjoy them online.


If you need anything, from manipulations from one or more photo’s to making an anime cover for your phone or tablet. Simply email me and ask.



“Difficult Roads often lead to beautiful Destinations”


“You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough”

Mae West


See some of my photography

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As an artist I take commissions. A commission is a private assignment to make something unique. So without the option to re-use for someone else. I take non-commercial and commercial commissions. The difference between the two is that non commercial can be used privately only and commercial can be reproduced to sell in any shape or form.


Non Commercial

  • One photo
  • 300dpi
  • digital paint or manip
  • personal use only
  • copyright mine



  • One photo
  • 300dpi
  • digital paint
  • design or manip
  • commercial use allowed
  • copyright yours

Some Facts

I work mostly in Photoshop and some apps on my iPad. But also in Illustrator, Indesign, Anime Studio, Daz, Movavi, Clip Studio Paint and Poser. My camera of choice is the Canon D70.


Photo's Taken


Cups of Coffee


Gifts Presented

a lot of

Happy Clients

More about me

As said, I am a creative person so there's more!


My Canon D70 is like my third hand. I specialize in animal photography, but also sports, events and people. The most fun part is to create art from my photo's. All digital so with a 1001 possibilities.

Creative Ideas

Always ready to think with you when you are in need of a special present, pressworks, shop images or anything digital. Creative is my middle name!


I also paint photographs. So if you want a handpainted digital version of any photograph, anything is possible. I paint in photoshop with oilbrushes and waterpaint brushes. The choice is yours.

From Blog

Various blogs about the things I do, my photo's, my arts, video's about art, app reviews and much, much more. Enjoy!

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