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The Lost Series

Pre-made book covers for a fair price

Covers are unique, they tell a story. Let me tell yours for a fair price. Feel free to contact me for a custom made cover however. I love to make your story come to life. Most covers are three fold, they contain a front & back cover and a spine. To receive with your own Title and text  in high res, cmyk or rgb, depending on your way of publishing. In case of a front cover only, I will be more then happy to make a custom backcover – and spine for you.

I also adjust the size in case of online publishing, then I just need the link to your template (amazon) and page specifics for the width of the spine.

The Magical Meditative Adventure Wave: The Transformative Nexus

The Magical Meditative Adventure Wave: The Transformative Nexus (SOLD)

Using his imagination, the writer blurs the lines between the meditative world, the dream world, and the inter-dimensional psychical realms encountered through meditative trances. In this book, he journeys into the future, and learns that even though Earth has changed for the better, there are destructive, all-consuming Scarab Beetles that are under a hypnotic spell induced by Evil Intentioned Entities. These Evil Intentioned Entities want the Scarab Beetles to devour and consume not only physical reality, but psychical reality too, which includes people’s ideals, dreams, and positive life energy. All that they devour is then converted into a powder that can be consumed, which allows for the life of those who consume it to be extended. Despite there being an abundance of this powder for everyone, the Evil Intentioned Entities hoard it all for themselves. Along his journey to stop the Scarab Beetles, the writer meanders into other dimensions, crossing paths with many otherworldly entities, and guides.

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