The desintegrating trap

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The desintegrating trap


Little did she know when she walked her hometown. She only needed to call her mum to let her know she was gonna be a little late. Why didn’t she notice that this perticular booth was quite old in comparison to the others. As soon as she stepped in, the booth started desintegrating, leading her to a whole different fieldplane, a forest where more got trapped like she will be when the desintegration is complete…  Help!

This is my entry for the  Forgotten Stock Revival #1FORGOTTEN STOCK REVIVAL at DeviantArt
Required stock:


Other stocks used:
Fabric dress model inside booth
Background 1 pexels
Background 2 pexels
Model in booth made by me in fuse and rigged in photoshop
Brushes used:


Desintegration/debris brushes
The rest is handpainted

Made in Photoshop CC2017

original image 40x30cm, 300dpi

This image is digimarc protected. © SlichoArt 2017

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