Digitally painted – Queen Snowwhite

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Queen Snowwhite

Queen Snowwhite is a digitally painted photo where the photo aquires a painted, animated look. In this case it is a cosplay photo where the model, Alexis Frost, is dressed up like Snowwhite. Her eyes have been changed, they are made a little bit bigger so they face the front a bit more instead of looking up, they changed colour. Het upperlip was made a little bit bigger and changed colour also. Her nails were made a bit longer, added a light touch of nailpolish and two little hearts. Her hair was also painted to make it a little more shiny. I enriched the colour of the apple. The crown is an added asset.

These types of digital paintings are made digital (in photoshop) but that doesn’t mean i am not painting. Each stroke is done by hand with the help of my cintiq HD Touch graphic board.

Are you a cosplayer and do you want to have your photo painted this way? I charge 30,00 euro’s commission for a headshot and 70,00 euro’s for a full body photo. The backgrounds will be adjusted too.

Want to see more examples? Feel free to check out my DeviantArt account.

You can also contact me here. (this photo serves as an example and is NOT for sale)

Photography credits: Alexis Frost

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