Animecon 2016

June 10th till the 12th was the weekend of Animecon. It was a weekend full of games, anime’s, workshops, drawing, dancing, music, shows, beautiful cosplayers and much much more. I walked around in my steampunk costume taking some photo’s of the cosplayers that were there. I promised them to put these on my website so here they are. I had a lot of fun!

If you see yourself and want your photo, please send me an email  (the email on my businesscard is incorrect, it says .com but should be .nl.

I will email you your photo in the original size. You will receive the original photo and the worked one. Mention the number of the photo in your email so I know which one to send.

Click the first image to preview all the photo’s. You can download your photo as well but it is a small version with a watermark. The original off course does not have this.




July 4, 2016 2:17 pm


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